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About two years ago I published a note on Facebook about something I had seen, and that shocked me, and since then i have changed my way of seeing the world and the people who live in it.

I was about to go out of the house like everyday, and a half naked kid was playing right next to a sort of ledge about 2 feet tall. The mother was nearby distracted talking to some people. It was all in that fraction of time that that child fell headlong from the parapet, and the mother stood up screaming and rushed to hold that child in her arms, only then she noticed that her child was inanimate. Shaking and screaming she ran to meet a nearby person who had a car and handed the child in his arms, as he was hurrying to bring the poor child to the hospital.

The most shocking of it all was when she gave the child up to the stranger, she then sprawled on the stone floor, and I ran to get her under the car because it was almost certain that misfortune would be larger.

My dear friends, every day i walk by this kid, we exchange smiles and he always tells me things I don't understand, and i always remember that day when I see him.

That child is now the subject in front of my camera.

Like many countries, we can find a very large social inequality in mine. They consider my country one of the best countries in Africa in terms of governance and literacy, but the sad thing is we still see people so miserable and illiterate that if you tell them the police wants to use drones in US for routine surveillance, they might call you crazy. And all of this reflects on their children, that will grow up in a society that no ones cares.

It feels great to take photos of them, especially when they notice you. They don't even know that they have a harsh future ahead, so they play, and i play along with them, pretending that in the future it's all gonna be OK.

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