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Uncle Marty's Walking Sticks

Uncle Marty

My Uncle Marty,actually my Great Uncle is 87 yrs old and in better shape than most 40 year olds I know. Several years ago he was walking around a local lake and missing his late wife when he noticed some sticks on the ground. He decided to pick them up and work with his hands to get him through the tough times. He is quite a character and when he's not wearing his hard hat,he likes to wear two hats at a time,one to shade his face and one to shade his ears. He enjoyed spending time with my sons and telling them the basics of holding a knife and what direction to cut in and also telling them that it took him 87 years to earn a degree but he finally got one in CS...Common Sense that is. He's very careful in measuring his customers up to their sticks, if the stick is too low you walk like you have a back problem but if the stick is too high,you walk like the Pope! He has become sort of a local celebrity making sticks for politicians and radio personalities and he even had a story published about him in the local newspaper. This is an important hobby to him,he does not charge for his walking sticks but he will take a donation for supplies. This is what's important to him and he is so proud of his work. And I am proud to call him my Uncle and proud to walk with one of his sticks!

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4 responses

  • Photo Shack

    Photo Shack (Deleted) gave props (6 Dec 2012):

    Great story; my Dad used to make them too, and attach all kinds of things to them. We used them when we were kids on vacation to Sequoia National Park. Great job!!

  • Yaz Hawkins

    Yaz Hawkins said (6 Dec 2012):

    Nice essay! Great pics! I made few walking sticks for the fun of it some years ago and it's not as easy as it may look! I still keep a couple for the long walks in the forest. They really come handy!

  • Bailey Cooper

    Bailey Cooper gave props (21 Jan 2013):

    Just a great 'feel good' story. We are a society that view our elders as disposable. I am thrilled that Uncle Marty found happiness after losing his wife. And there is happiness. The smiles you've captured are priceless.

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (15 Nov 2015):

    I love this heart warming story and what a generous and kind man your uncle is..You got my votes and my nomination!

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