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Powerful Words, Part One


There are physical boundaries and then there are those that we place on ourselves or that we let others place on us. Words are a powerful thing and a lot of times without knowing it, we limit ourselves in what we are able to accomplish.

I have heard the words can't, won't and don't a lot through my life and learned that they should be motivation to prove the person saying them wrong.

My doctors said "You won't live past 30". Therefor I no longer celebrate birthdays, but a proved you wrong again day, see you next year. I have too much life to live in better ways than letting myself slip into death that easily.

Many people have told me "you can't" to various activities. So I spend time working on my ability to do exactly what they said I can't do. Can't is a wall that I will scale no matter for what purpose or how many times you put it in front of me.

Usually when I have heard "don't" I should not have, but I have still learned a lesson from it and am happy that I did do. Don't or do, either way I made the choice, if it was a mistake or not, it is still mine.

Take the don'ts, won'ts and cant's and turn them into do, will and can...And just LIVE!

***There are obvious don'ts, they are called warning labels. While I approve of and promote trying everything because you just might find something you love, I do not agree with anything illegal or just plain stupid.***

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  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (30 Mar 2013):

    wonderful story and picture

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