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DMC for dessert

DMC on just an aveage day | DeLorean Motor Company
Watch your sign language
Lunch setup at sunset
Concrete wind shelter  for controlled fire
"Sparkling" pees sweetened with aged oranges
Pine framed scene city
Silvery satin stainless at sunset | DMC - DeLorean Motor Company
Driving from the bucket | DMC low seat position
Cozy in the cockpit of his DMC | Cheviot park, April 2013

The low silhouette looked familiar... I guessed it's that rare cat I only glimpsed a couple of times as it quickly passed by.

I was just wrapping up my Indian dinner at the picnic table, so with a curiously crossed the park's lot and...yes! It was just quietly relaxing there.

The first thing I did, like a photo journalist or a bird watcher, was to take out my camera and find the tempting angles to bring out the beauty in this beast.

The last rays of the setting sun played soft orange rays on the silvery satin body, the smooth profile stood out among cars parked around.

Then back to wash my meal utensils I kept a roving eye for the return of it's owner. Just as I was putting the washed dishes and silverware away in my bag a tall young man went in that direction. I noticed him earlier as he passed by while I was eating. From just seeing him pass by in the corner of my eye, he was the one I imagined to be the owner. Just a little more curious, open and adventuresses that I could see as the non-conformist to own such a non-mainstream classic.

"Hi, I took a few photos of your car, have a soft spot for it's interesting history. I used to restore cars too" I called out as I walked over from my "dish washing station". At first, like a realtime photographer I pointed and clicked at the now exposed interior under the gullwing raised doors." hope you don't mind" Then I raised my eyes to meet his.

"Yes, it's an amazing story but the founder blew it" he said "was wasting too much money buying all kind of companies"

The story was British government wanted to boost Ireland economy and granted DMC the cash to start.

"The first 2000 cars were built in Ireland but had to practically be dismantled one landing in California to be rebuilt correctly" He aid as he pointed a flashlight at the door seal VIN plate "Mine is #2025, so the parts matched already. When I got it only the infamous British electrical system had to be replaced. I may need to refinish the fiberglass soon"

"There was a joke running in Israel about the local car made of fiberglass" I smiled as I recalled it "They said if you park it you run the risk of a camel snacking it."

"You know, the camels, cows and goats like the formeldhide or chemical in the resin or glue" Those images from India popped up in my mind.

"Ya, and the fiberglass is quite heavy on the underpowered 6 cylinder engine with only 130 horsepower." He said "This one is a manual stick shift so you can get the power immediately The fiberglass is covered with stainless panels. That was another limitation, the car was only available in one color"

"Yes, like the first Fords" I smiled "but it's not really a color but a material. How do you maintain it clean, I guess you don't use polish and wax?"

"No, just wash and when you want to restore the hairpin satin finish you just take a fine grain emery/sand paper and lightly stroke the body" he demonstrated petting the hood.

"So what do you enjoy most driving it?" I wondered about his personal romance with his car

"I like the low driving position" He cozyed into the feeling

"Now that you left it here and went to play at the courts, isn't it an attraction for being stolen?"

"Well there are too few of those cars, only about 3,000 are left out of the 9,000 ever built, so if one is missing it can be easily spotted. For example, if any one breaks a window to get in and then orders a new one, how many windows are ordered the same month or year?" he made the point.

As he sat down, almost fell down, into the low bucket seat I took another photo of this long man in his unique car and suggested "I will blog about this, if you don't mind"

"Sure, I'll look for it. Remind me your name please"

A little later I left and noticed his name escaped my mind.

Hope it finds you, my friend.

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