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The photos in this feature story are metaphoric to the feelings I went through during the following phases.

27 years ago gave up watching horror/thriller movies

21 years ago, wearing underwear

12, owning/watching a TV set

9, wearing a watch

8, using Allopathic medicine (western, chemical)

7, having my private house/room

6, wearing shoes (only clogs since)

5, alcohol, smoking & that kind of parties. Ordering food containing animal flesh.

2, staying under a roof

1, mobile phone

6 months, shaving or cutting the beard often


Some details:

I still would eat animal flesh if it is being thrown to the trash (untouched leftovers) or if I am a first time guest and the host had unkowingly prepared a non-veg meal.

2 years ago I found myself in a situation where I had to camp out on a daily basis. I faced fears & difficulties but eventually got comfortable sleeping in public and was able to give up alternative housing (friends couch, house/pet sitting, barters as a live-in handyman or hosting while volunteering in town)

For most things it's the general rule/ For example, when traveling I would sometimes smoke a locally made tobacco cigarrete. Or when I would rarely stay in a motel I may turn on TV in the background while preparing food. Likwise, I may use antibiotics if a symptom persists despite allowing time, rest and curing nutrition for extended time.

Other occasions I had stayed at a friend's place for sometime or had a mobile phone for a few months, however since I gave up the habbit, been through the phase of getting over the "addiction", these started because of a friend request. For example, in one case a friend that wanted me to be available to chat unlimited initiated my long expired phone service. In another case a friend with mental/physical limitations was lonely and could use help around house and garden. Both cases were temporary by choice to begin with, I didn't feel a need to regress to habbits I got over.

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  • Tomma Henckel

    Tomma Henckel gave props (23 May 2013):

    This is interesting. And a gutsy move on your part. I admire that.

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