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Kirtan breeze

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Daily catch: Mega load of 5¢ CRV's

My first Kirtan happened yesterday.

The boyfriend of my friend's babysitter had invited me. He's new in town, just came back from a year or more in Hawaii where I think he learned how to conduct it.

I had a pineapple that was waiting for the right company to go down on (because it rots within the day it's cut, if not refrigerated. And my van is sans-frig). It has been scattering it's flowery 'eat me' scent around for a week. So I jumped on the opportunity to bring it as a donation and share it with the group.

The Kirtan is a traditional south Asian music along with chanting and it invoked me to sway with the rhythm, then move from my mat and lay on the cold floor, then stand on my head and eventually stand up and move with the vibe. Luckily I was the last to arrive and sat in the back so I didn't feel in the way.

Once about an hour was up so was the Kirtan. I let the group know there a pineapple to wait for, stripped and sliced it in over the restrooms sink and then everyone was happy to munch the delicious fruit (luckily not over the point of ripeness...)

After all left, and since I just arrived to the beach neighborhood I felt like taking a walk. My feet and senses carried me down the street and right from where it turns to sand I found a pier stretching into the ocean. It was empty, "maybe homeless sleep along it" I thought. With just a little alertness of the company I in for I proceeded. The temperatures was easy with a light breeze. The hiss of the waves with an occasional turbulent gut-sound of flapping waves. Some seagulls were checking their pot-luck with the fishermen awaiting by their rods.

The dormant/sleepy life-guard tower and telescope-binoculars were resting from their day jobs.

When I reached the beach again on my way back, the team of three Mexican were still loading their pick up truck as if it was a lorry. They seem to be around for the whole Sunday collecting bottles for recycling from every restaurant and pub.

It was past midnight as I walked by the noisy bar, where earlier I saw the African American doorman trying to 'curtsey evict' a Caucasian American young man who seemed to drink too much. The Starbucks on the corner had it's short night pause before opening in early morning.

I reached my van, drove it for some Wifi browsing by the coffee shop and then camped out near by for a calm night.

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  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (6 Jun 2013):

    Wonderful, loved it! v+f

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (8 Jun 2013):


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