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The mixed up camper

New Camper

This is the story of the mixed up camper. When my son went shopping for a new camper we never dreamed of the foul-ups that can happen. After visiting the local camper dealers he decided on the Avenger Camper pictured here. At least he thought he had decided on this one.

A loan and payments were arranged through a local credit union and a check was issued to the dealer for payment. He was told when to bring his truck in to install the electric break system and pick up his new camper. We arrived at the dealer and they went to work on his truck and installing the sway bars and necessary equipment for towing the camper. While they were doing that we were shown through the camper and told how everything works. The payment was made and all the paper work completed. When all was done they turned over the camper to us and we towed it back here to a place we had arranged to keep it. All was fine for a couple of weeks.

The other day my son received a call from a WV State Trooper he knew. The trooper told him he had recovered a camper that had been stolen from the dealer's lot. He said the VIN (vehicle identification number) came back registered to my son but was not listed in NCIC as stolen. They even had a surveillance video of a white pick up driving off the dealers lot with the camper. A call was made to an officer working in the area where his camper was parked. His camper was still there. He was confused for a time, how could his camper be stolen and still be where he parked it?

Another call was made to the officer who first checked on his camper and he was asked to check the VIN on the camper. The number was not the one registered to him. After checking with the dealer it was discovered that the camper they turned over to him was not the one he originally looked at and thought he was buying. It was an identical camper, just a couple of months newer than the one on the lot. The problem was all the paper work was for the camper left on the lot.

The dealer is now in the process of changing the title and registration from the stolen camper to the one the dealer turned over to him. He will have to re-sign the loan agreement and a new deed will have to be sent to the credit union. There is the insurance that will have to be straightened out too. For now the camper is in limbo, he has possession but nothing in writing to prove it is his. It is all in the hands of the dealer and West Virginia DMV.

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4 responses

  • Judy and Wayne Wanamaker

    Judy and Wayne Wanamaker gave props (8 Jun 2013):

    A great story, Fred! Life is surely exciting sometimes.

  • Bailey Cooper

    Bailey Cooper said (9 Jun 2013):

    That was originally called 'Cooper's Law'. Not sure when it changed but this would be a story of mine by any other name. I'm sure your son had a slated trip, so I hope you iron out the wrinkles by that time. Love your tale of woe in picture and story format.

  • Fred Moskey

    Fred Moskey said (10 Jul 2013):

    Here it is a month later and title and registration still have not been straightened out. The temporary tag has expired and the registration plate issued to him is still registered to the stolen camper, not the one he has.

  • Jennifer Porter

    Jennifer Porter (Deleted) said (10 Oct 2013):

    wow is all i can say

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