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The sign at the gym said "We'll help you get to where you want to be" and it brought back what happened just and hour or two before

Not such a great photo but a great story and meal it was.

The security guy kindly asked me to leave. I was working on my computer, sitting in my car parked at the hotel lot and enjoying the free WiFi. Just pulling out of the parking lot around midnight, the guy in the wheelchair called out to me.

I see him around at the shopping center asking for donations and I gave him a quarter once or twice.

"For 3 hours I'm waiting for a cab here" He said, "I need to go home or the police will arrest me. I'll give you $10 just need to get to the bus station"

My van was full but he kindly but persistently convinced me that he and his wheelchair don't need much space.

I loaded his folded wheelchair and he helped himself into the passenger seat next to me.

We drove and talked about living houseless. Apparently when he falls asleep in his wheelchair on the street the police gives him a ticket.

"This place is upside down" I commented.

As he directed me where to turn he asked me about how I got 'homeless'.

"I told him how I lived with people who had one room for the whole family to eat and sleep in, all on the floor but always asked me if I had something to eat and never asked for help. Never saw themselves as poor.

"Here, who will ask you if you had anything to eat?" I finished

When we got to his place, about 4 miles ride, he asked me "did you have something to eat?"

"What you've got?" I asked.

He reached into his backpack and pulled out a takeaway bag.

"Thanks" I smiled, pet him on his back "Have a good night, man".

He wheeled away as he talked with someone across the street.

When I got to the gym for my exercise and shower I opened the bag. It was from the Brew House, not just a cheap fast food. Inside was something I wouldn't buy for myself: A chicken fillet and pasta.

I'm a vegetarian because I don't want to order the killing of an animal. But when I get left overs that otherwise will be trashed or a gift from someone I met recently and didn't know I'm a vegetarian then I am grateful and accept it.

It was tasty and satisfying. After all, $10 would be something I can get by myself, but I got a special surprise from a big black handicapped guy who is houseless too. Life is smiling at me, I felt at that moment.

So seeing that banner I wondered: "Would the gym manager, driving home in a shiny fancy car stop for a homeless to help him get to where he wants to be?"

Or, how limited is the liability of the buzz proudly spread around?

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2 responses

  • Christina Soto

    Christina Soto said (20 Jun 2013):

    There should be more human beings like you in this world.

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (28 Jun 2013):

    you have done a great job... love your story friend....

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