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A little village girl
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There is a village called magulong located in a very mountainous region in Manipur, India. The village is famous for many things. It is a place where tourist will find many interesting places and a very friendly people. The village people are known for their hospitality to strangers and foreigners. They befriended many foreigners because of this.

I want to share with you a beautiful story about a cute little girl who lives in this far eastern part of India. She is the eldest among the children. She has three other siblings, all of them cute and sweet. She takes care of them like a responsible mom. Everybody in the village likes her. She is the center of attraction wherever she goes. This little girl would do anything to be in the spotlight.

But like the story of an ugly duckling, her beginning was quite a sad one. Nobody thought she would survive. This makes her the more special to us, as she was lost and found. But now it is a different story, a story full of hopes and dreams.

She is a girl, but with very less hair! She is the cutest among her friends. She loves to make people laugh. Everybody likes her. She is four years old. She has three younger siblings who are looking up to her as their model, she being the eldest. They are well to do. They have huge farms and an orange farm. I wish you will be able to visit her one day. Everything they need, nature provides them. They depend on nature for all their needs. They live in close harmony with the nature.

She is none other than my own nephew. She would visit us often, even spending the night with us most of the time. There is not a single moment to feel bored when she is around. She is a hardworking girl too. She excels in her studies. All the teachers like her. I am excited about what the future has in store for her. As a little village girl her hobbies include collecting firewood, going to the fields, playing games, having fun with friends, but above all posing for a camera. She loves attention. I told her I am going to publish a story about her for everyone to see, she was excited.

She lives in Magulong Village, Manipur, India. It is a very hilly place. There are many interesting things in this small village. The village is well known for a mountain, Kisha, where we can find different species of birds and animals. It was also a place where people hide during time of war. The government is making plans to make it a tourist village. If you happen to be a photographer who loves adventure, you might not want to miss this wonderful place. Come and visit little Achiam as well! I am sure she'll make your stay worth the while.

Her name is Achiam, which means "little". She says hi to you all. I am visiting her again this winter when I get my vacation. I need to refresh myself by going to countryside, free from all the noises and pollutions.

I live in a city, but I am always attracted to the beauty and simplicity of the country side. I am sure most of us do that. But day the day the world seems to be polluted industrialization and hunger for money which is destroying the beautiful nature of our planet Earth.

We can still make this world a better place. Let us join hands together and do what we can on our part to save nature.

In a world where there is so much corruption and problems, it is rare to see people so full of hopes and dreams. Through this story I want all of us to live our life like a carefree child, full of hope and dreams, spreading happiness wherever we go.

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  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (13 Jul 2013):

    Raitu..Kamdaurige?? I like the story and your Nephew... She is cute and lovely. I love all the pictures and story. God Bless!!!

  • Raitu Disong

    Raitu Disong said (14 Jul 2013):

    Hi Saroj, nungai riye:)
    Thank you. God bless you too!

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