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Blue moon on Monday

Clouded moon over the beach
Sitting by the pier
Lifeguard beach tower at night
Beach showers at night
Blue moon on monday
latter-day gold digger
Focal point
Lifeguard beach tower at night
Housless girl

Sitaram will move back to Hawaii. I was drumming along with him. By the last chant I felt my hands are moving to the rhythm by themselves, didn't need to concentrate or plan. It was an amazing feeling. I was listening to myself from beside.

By the end, when I put down my drum for the last two call & reply chants, I took a deep breath and hum to myself and.... that for the first time since the session began that was what Sitaram did too, loudly... for all to repeat.

Back in my van i didn't feel like sinking again into my computer screen so i threw a jumper over and a fleece hat and went back past the yoga studio and on to the beach.

There was a big moon behind the cloudy summer sky. It was a foggy day up in the sky. Now as i write, it also drizzles.

An older couple was sitting on the sand a short distance from the dock. I used a covered trash can to stable my camera for a long exposure. Tried to catch white water as a wave splashes as a background for the couple, but with the timer on for stability and the camera unable to focus on the dim lit water I gave it up and just let the random moment play.

Walking barefoot on the soft cool sand I neared the rocks in front of the public shower. A familiar and helpful site I know from my noon showers. Now at night, without the buzz it stood deserted, lit by only one bulb. In the background the few lit windows of people late to bed on a Sunday late night.

Near, by I noticed a dark silhouette that isn't another rock. It moved. I recalled seeing a couple of houseless after my last shower, they were crumbling in the shade of the rocks to give them a few more hours of sleep away from sunrays.

Kept on going, a couple leaned on a barrel trash can and played with a flashlight.

Another couple of men were combing the beach with a metal detector. Modern Gold diggers or maybe modern pirates. They said 'hi', I replied. Then went for another lifeguard tower photo and one of those treasure scavengers.

I thought I should point a flashlight to my photo subject and let my camera focus on the beam hitting that surface. But my little keychain flash light didn't shine even a few feet.

A girl was running around with her white fluffy dog. It came barking at me, she followed. I said 'no problem, I'm not afraid of him'. She asked if I've seen a leash by the post. Then described it in Spanish. I replied in Spanish that my native language is another. She was cure, friendly too but the alcohol fumes felt less friendly. 'Have a wonderful night' she said as I continued.

Back in my van I drove to the nearest closed coffee shop to use some Wifi in the parking lot.

The brands paper bag stood by a pile of new weekend newspapers. I knew the bag contains left over sandwiches or pastries left for the needy. It was past midnight and I figured out those will just rot or be eaten by animals till tomorrow. I found two wrapped with chicken sandwiches and one with ham and cheese. First i left the ham and cheese, but later thought I could give it to a houseless I will certainly meet by the 7 Eleven i go for hot cup of water (for my tea).

When i arrived at the store a slender looking young girl with a big backpack was walking in. It was 2am and it was quite obvious she's houseless. After leaving my car with the sandwich i found her around the corner, snuggling with a man on a store front. "Would you like a sandwich?" I asked and waved the bag. She was pulling her hands from under his pants and without any sign of being surprised was happy to have it. I guess you get used to do private in public after so much on the street.

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