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Making your own photo calendars online has now been made so simple that it's not much of an exaggeration to say that the technology has taken all of the hard work out of it. At least, that's true in terms of technical or computer based aspects. Over and above the basic tools however, you're still the one who has to come up with the basic ideas for your calendar, and whether you're making it for your own use or to give to someone else, there are a few ideas which will always come in handy.

The main problem with the kind of calendars generally provided by retailers lies in the impersonal and predictable nature of the imagery employed. The fact that they still do the job they're intended to do is the reason why people put up with this, but the truth is that we should now all have grown tired of having to spend an entire year looking at a calendar with dull pictures of forests or meadows on it. If the calendar you're using doesn't fit this description then the chances are that it came free from some business and features nothing more exciting than an image of their products or services to go with every month. By designing a calendar of your own you can break away from these clichés and craft something which, as well as getting the job done, will function as a work of art or just a pick-me-up each and every time you need to look at it.

When they first sit down to make photo calendars, many people simply choose a dozen or more of their favourite photographs, usually of their children or pets, and attach them to the months in question in a fairly random manner. There's nothing wrong with this approach, of course, and it does result in something which combines the practicality of a standard calendar with the warmth of a photograph album, but with a little more thought it is possible to create more coherent calendars which, as well as being suitable for your own use, represent fantastic photo gifts ideas.

It should be remembered, for example, that, as well as digital photographs, you can use documents or other items such as sketches and drawings as long as you scan them into your computer and save them as digital files. This means, for example, that the month of September, when the schools open again, could be marked with an image of a painting your youngest child brought home, whilst August and the holiday season could be celebrated not merely with photographs of your children playing on the beach, but also by a snippet of a menu from your favourite restaurant, or the stub of a ferry ticket. By using your imagination it's possible to create something truly original which has the visual richness of a photo book.

The key factor to bear in mind when you make photo gifts is that the technology does all the hard graft for you, leaving you free to concentrate on creative matters. Once you've selected the images you wish to include on your calendar, for example, you merely have to upload them to the website of your choice. The software tool you'll use will break the otherwise difficult task down to a few simple steps and choices, starting with the size of your calendar and whether it will be a one or two page design. Following this, you'll be able to lay out each individual page and take advantage of such design touches as frames and backgrounds, as well as opting to have certain special dates pre-printed onto the calendar. The flexibility on offer when you design photo calendars online extends all the way to allowing you to select the month with which it starts, a feature which is invaluable if you're creating one to give as a gift for someone's birthday or the likes of Valentine's Day. Over and above considerations of design, it should be remembered that the finished item will be produced to the very highest standards, using the best materials and latest techniques, meaning that, while it may prove invaluable for a single year, it will be treasured for many more to come.

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