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Pin-Hole, no electronics, no glass


You can buy a Holga plastic camera and a lens cap with a hole drilled by a laser, roll film and head off in all direction's. Thats one option,

Opt#2 is sheet film. an Oatmeal box, a little black paint, and a piece of duck tape for a shutter is a lot of fun. The oatmeal box offers one shot per box. That makes you think before you shot and can really "kick ass". Cut the box six inches wide, down the length of the tube. Paint it black on the inside. Place a film board inside and an mark that plain as vertical on the outside. Now very carefully punch the pinhole 90 degrees to the vertical plain. Cover the hole with a small piece of duck tape and fold a little handle on the tape. Glue the film or backer board in the round and vertical to your lines.

Load the sheet film with the ID notch in first and to the top in the complete dark. Place the lid on the tube and tape it all around to ensure a light tight fit. Mark top on outside.

On location when you set your new expensive camera on your "bag of pinto beans tripod". Arrange the vertical in position and ready yourself for an exposure. You will have to do some test for exposure. Start with an asa 400 film with a 15 second exposure, use a stop watch or an old fashion second hand on a wrist watch. Remember to read the light either in your mind or with a hand held light meter. This will give you a yard stick to refer to in later exposures. Have fun.

Most asked questions???? What is a film board? What is a second hand? What is ASA? Get on Goggle to see diagrams and more directions.

Take a deep breathe and visualize what you want as a finished image. A pin- hole on a 4x5 sheet film is about the same as a 85 mm lens on your digital camera. Just a little long, not quite what you would call a portrait lens.

Remember slow down and learn to see what's in front of you. Good hunting. More exposures will be uploaded as I scan the negitives. mjb

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