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Studio lighting

Mother, Daughter...'06

Along with the strobe's, control box, umbrellas, soft boxes, ring lights,and tripods you need a reliable flash meter. Most hand held meters now read both available light and the flash of strobes. Keeping it simple is paramount, even though there are several strobe heads in a kit, use only one in the beginning. Start with an umbrella, strobe and stand. Place the unit a little above your subject and to the side. Also in the beginning think in black and white. With digital you have a leg up in you get to see what changes result in. "You can't sail around the world until you get in the boat". This is your start on a grand adventure.

A couple of more suggestions: In the Little Angle image look close at the high light on the right side of the image. This light source is a big soft box but I have also placed a diffusing scrim in front of the box. This softens the source even more. Adds a little key light to the side of the face. Just enough so its not noticeable. In the other direction the image of Santiago with the accordaian needs the sharp light, so no diffuser, no unbrella just straight strobe. My friends with the dog was a portrait but I wanted it to look like natural light. So raised the strobe high an pushed it as far away as possible. Just a few things to get you on the right track...mjb

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    Rey mos said (3 Dec 2013):

    I love black and white... thanks for sharing!

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