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Kids and Photography

Ara in B/W

IT IS A SENSITIVE ISSUE in taking photographs especially when young kids or children are involved. Easy access to cyberspace makes posting/sharing of images effortless, but it also brings threats to vulnerable young ones. There is a newest term, 'oversharenting' which means the act of posting and sharing an inappropriate amount of information and images one's child.

There might be existing basic guidelines in posting, but if this is done for the sake of appreciating the beauty of innocence, youthfulness, and playfulness of children; or to capture special/memorable moments with young ones, then photographs bring joy to the parents and friends, consequently become part of our personal treasure -reminding the "child" within us.

Coming from a big family, babies and young kids are in abundance. Every year, new nieces and nephews are just a blessing from the Creator. Taking photos while they are young is worth doing especially when they are living far away from where we reside, and seldom we meet them. Time flies and one day, we just found out that they are already teenagers!

It takes patience and calmness to get the best images. Babies do not know what you are doing, and they just stare and react if we tickle them, and make an unusual face or sound to get their attention. The trick is play with them while pressing the camera button. Or give them something to grab to engage them and able to get the right facial expression with less movement and avoid blurry images. For older kids, the motivation for them to cooperate is to talk about gifts.

Definitely, a big smile from children captured on photographs is an ultimate award that will be treasured forever...

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