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Fire in the Forest

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Some time ago, on april 2012, there was a fire in "El Bosque de la Primavera", here in my home town Zapopan, Jalisco, the disaster to the nature was terrific, cause over eight thousand hectares were consumed by the fire. This forest have 30,500 hectares, so we lost almost a third part of it. I work really near to the forest, in a place called Ciudad Judicial (i call it Ciudad Justicia), there´s also the Omnilife Stadium, home of Las Chivas rayadas del Guadalajara, (i call them "Los Chivos"), So i took a lot of pictures of the fire, they looks cool, but i´m not glad for what happens. It all starts one saturday, april 21th 2012, i went with my friends to see the game Chivas-Atlas, i´m an Atlas fan, that day my team won 1-0, hurra for that, the stadium was crowded, great ambient, but in the horizon a thick cloud, ignored for the most of the euphoric people, loomed little by little, like everyone, i don´t worry about it, i thought it was a simple cloud of rain (i didn´t take a pic). In the next day, sunday, everybody were talking about the fire in "El Bosque de la Primavera", in the social networks, news paper, tv, the news were everywhere, so i took my nikon and went out to take some pictures, also in the monday morning, i woke up at 4:30 am to make some shots. Now there are some groups that take care of the forest with the help of the government and some particular support groups. So here are some of the pics that i took, during and after the sinister. It´s a shame for me to show you this disaster, but this is a story that had to be told.

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