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Sea at Night

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With a good photographer friend i went out last saterday evening. Part of our walk was throught the Dune area called Meijndel (at Wassenaar) where you can eventually reach the beach.

We had started too late but thought we'd make it anyway before it would be pitch dark. The weather was warm and so smooth, the air filled with the scents of flowers and the sea. After a long walk we finally reached the beach. Meanwhile I had discovered at least 10 different ways of carrying my tripod. No workout was needed anymore.

To often than not i have thought in the past:"if only i had my tripod with me!". Now i always take it regardless of what people tell me. Heavy it is but ever so solid and now was the time to reap the reward.

The view just blew me away. This pink sky with a silverish pink reflection in the sea with hauntingly beautiful clouds! A neat row of oil tankers could be seen at the horizon. I had no clue why they were there but my friend explained it is a special anchor place where the ships wait for a better oil price before they come into the harbour to sell of their load. We could hardly take our eyes of the sky. From serene the clouds went to dramatic to almost threatening.

And then there were those little streams from where the water flows back into the sea. This created a dramatic view almost like leaked oil was stranded on the beach. That is the shot that caught me most. Just after that we had to move on as it was getting so dark. Luckily the bright lights of Scheveningen were like a beacon in the distance so we could find our way. Exhausted (after 20km) but fulfilled we found a icecream parlor that was just closing it's doors but agreed to sell us an icecream. We ate it sitting on the boulevard and agreed it was the greatest possible night.

Struggled through the sand, watched by rabbbits, jumped on by sandflees and mesmerized by the sea. What more could one wish for!

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  • Davide Simone

    Davide Simone said (1 Jul 2014):


  • kil roy metters

    kil roy metters gave props (2 Jul 2014):

    sea clouds and light.....winning combination..........

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (27 Jul 2014):

    fantastic your narration too!!! Vote!!!

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