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When the Day: Nameless - Still and Continuous B/W series #1

awakened by heart

The sun still rises in surrounding same direction and time, day after day, and never cease to shining, although overcast covered the earth. The wind and rain came and went braved the trees in the yard, and they grew as naturally and as strong as they held on for flowering or fruiting. The time scrolling and spinning slowly but surely, no longer feel existing differences with the time previous. The leaves are still growing or falling on the ground, a sign of a change process of ongoing life unstoppably. When my feet glued and severed, by the problems of life happens so colossal and insistently, without can I prevent or avoid it, and must be brave to face it all, one by one. And the full moon, still visible, revealing light her face like last month, and month after month, previously.

All I saw was a daily life and felt, as a father to call, and expect help because of pain. And I was just a son, who is called to help him, without expecting anything. Everyone can only hope on healing and happiness to a family that I have, and it is not easy, because the situation becomes very monotonous routine moments. I'm just a photographer, who saw and photographed a small fraction of the moment, to build the life of each frame photographs of each step the foot, from activities and spaces that I went through. Among the peak moment in career of this year, I have decided to defer and stopped. I do not want to show that this is a pain that must be shown, and to be pitied, because all of this is not an opinion or choice. I just person who are trying to unravel the mysteries of life, and believes, that this is all part of the contents of a meaningful life, and it was for my personally, family, and the people who shared in the presence of meaning.

I see, feel, and then photographing something, which is a projection of everyday life, without longer remembers the time. As fast as I can do, because this day is definitely different from tomorrow, and what I photograph today, will produce photographs more meaningful in the next day. I do not want to miss time pass-empty just like that, without any meaning and significance. All of this has become everyday life, situations and habits that may be automated, but I give a little soul-mind and expression through writing, as well as the words. Using various types of smartphone cameras, post-production with instant software, and display it in: Diptich, to produce a continuous viewpoint, from two different angles. It is a way to make comparisons with the eyes see, and think right or left, or follow the flow magnetically, and sustainable. A Stereoscopic, but from two frames which can actually visually different. I do not want to get hung up on one thing only, either way of seeing or thinking, but I want a continuation of the positive moments. A concept of causation and connected to each other, complement each other.

series #2 :

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6 responses

  • Lynn E. Harvey

    Lynn E. Harvey gave props (16 Jul 2014):

    Brillinat work Indra, the comparisons, as stated, do flow and connect with a deep sustainability. wonderful..

  • Davide Simone

    Davide Simone said (16 Jul 2014):


  • JamesHarmon McQuilkin

    JamesHarmon McQuilkin   gave props (16 Jul 2014):

    intense--well written--stark, insightful, and highly evocotive

  • Felicia

    Felicia gave props (17 Jul 2014):

    I agree- this is aesome, I absolutely love it. I would have nominated it but someone beat me to it. Voted!

  • Indra Widi

    Indra Widi said (18 Jul 2014):

    many thx all ... Lynn E. Harvey, Davide Simone, JamesHarmon McQuilkin, Felicia, Pamela Haberman ...

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (19 Jul 2014):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

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