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Hello? Anyone?

In recent days/weeks/months, there has been, from my viewpoint, less and less activity here. I still have a few stalwart JPG friends drop by and fave or comment on my pix, but where I used to get 150 hits on a photo within a few days, I'm lucky to get 10 now. I still am active, looking at every single photo uploaded. That didn't even used to be possible. Now it takes me a few seconds a day. What's happening? JPG: how are you surviving?

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  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen said (7 Aug 2014):

    I try to keep up as much I can with comments considering I have a slow dial up connection and it takes awhile to open the pictures, but I have noticed also that it is not as active as it was when it used to be a published magazine...I still love the idea of the themes and challenges that we can learn from and I really think it is the best photography site I have seen for easy navigation .plus a staff who cares to put in the hours that they have to keep this site going...I certainly hope it survives..

  • Deborah King

    Deborah King said (8 Aug 2014):

    Seems like this is the story for a lot of the “older and reputable” social media sites, rumor has it Facebook has taken over. From my small list of internet friends, 500PX is the place they go now if they want to join a photo community. Dunno what is so attractive about that site, though. The older blogging communities like LiveJournal are also experiencing the same lack of interest. Maybe people are spending less time online. But I seriously doubt that.

  • Jim Read

    Jim Read said (8 Aug 2014):

    Hello Aaron,

    This is one of the few sites maybe the only one? where photographers can load a body of work or photo essay. I was delighted to find that was possible.

    I'd been a member since 2008 and thought it was just for the magazine I was very surprised and delighted to find the 'Story' function a month or two ago.

    The way to go in the Face(book) of stiff competition is find a niche market for your 'product', preferably an up-market position, think Rolls Royce and MacLaren cars, Moorcroft pottery and Triumph motorcycles.

    I dare say that we are all members of Facebook and Twitter maybe it's up to us to publicise this 'Story' aspect of JPG. To reach out to the photographers who are sick and tired of the single 'stunning' image and want to present something that requires a little more thought and time to gather together.

    To my mind there is no finer thing you can do with a camera and your time than a body of work.

    Cheers - Jim

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain said (8 Aug 2014):

    I am everyday visiting for an hour as least but I have noticed that JPG is not as active as it was when it used to be a published magazine I fully agree with Andrea .Now I don’t find any recent published magazine .Still I love the idea of the themes and its participation. Still I understand this is the only great site where, photographer can participate in themes and not being a JPG+ I still enjoy the site. When my friends spotlighted any shot, that day I became so happy…..WoW….What a great feeling. But Aaron, I am active always as if JPG is in my blood. But it happens that there are people they see a picture and left without any comment or prop and so on. Please keep the JPG on.....Never allow it to stop. CHEERS!!! I appreciate your pictures and narration with your feelings.

  • Troy Hickok

    Troy Hickok   said (8 Aug 2014):

    I agree with Deborah, but of course I'm biased.

    Stay tuned. We're working on a new interface and look for JPG. It's just taking some time. And we will be keeping the stories and themes/challenges as part of that.


  • Aaron Schwartz

    Aaron Schwartz said (9 Aug 2014):

    Thanks, Troy. Looking forward to the new look. I agree with the others that the themes & stories are great features of this site, but the best part of JPG for me is the community and the interaction.

  • Eric Ianuzi

    Eric Ianuzi (Deleted) said (11 Aug 2014):

    I've been a member since 2009, but can't recall any updates. The site hasn't changed or kept up with the times. It needs more then a new look, it needs new features and to become more interactive with both the user and viewer. How is JPG promoting photographers and encouraging inaction? Where is the app? Or the ability to create a unique profile or webpage? Spotlights use to last 3-4 days, now it is barely 24 hours. I enjoy the site, but it needs an update.

  • John Tanner

    John Tanner said (12 Aug 2014):

    I've been a member since the fall of 2007 and I agree there has been a sharp decline in participation here.
    Just my opinion but it seems to me that the decline and outright loss of members started when the site allowed what many folks considered to be porno with full blown frontal nudes.

    When I joined this site that kind of photography was prohibited.
    My opinion has always been if you don't like it don't look but many members shared the amazing work on this site with their children and grandchildren.
    I know several very popular,well liked members who left the site over the issue.

    I've enjoyed this site since day 1 but I have to admit I don't post as often as I use to or comment much these days.
    I've been very fortunate to have met some outstanding artist and some great people from my participation on JPG .
    I don't have Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Redbubble ect....

    This is the only photo sharing site I use.
    As far as I'm concerned JPG is a great site as is so I'm a lifer.
    All the best to you Mr.Aaron.
    I've enjoyed your work for a long time !

  • Peter Hall

    Peter Hall (Deleted) said (13 Aug 2014):

    As a new postee I cannot speak of the past but was interested to hear of the future plans from Troy, previously I posted on Wunderphotos and since they updated their site it has become un-useable for me. Uploads and downloads are now on a geological timescale, when America is awake and active WU-photos goes to sleep for me on my slow connection. So I would warn against making the site too cumbersome as inactivity breeds inactivity, as a low budget amateur photographer I would once again be locked out of another site and I am sure others in rural areas with slow connections could go the same way. Being able to show others what I have produced and aspiring to the high quality produced by others has enabled me to improve and enjoy this hobby, also meeting some really cool people has added greatly to the pleasure, thanks all.

  • Felicia

    Felicia said (17 Aug 2014):

    So sad... I have only been on JPG since 2012 and while I have uploaded to another site (500px) I still love JPG. It is sad to see it dwindling (even in the short time I have been here) and I feel guilty that haven't had time to devote to it. Maybe there is just an ebb and flow. People will come back when they realize that even though some sites are more popular at the moment, JPG is better than the rest.

  • Felicia

    Felicia gave props (17 Aug 2014):

    Voted btw :)

  • Deborah King

    Deborah King said (29 Aug 2014):

    So ... I just got an email stating 500px (the "other" photo community) has added Groups and Stories to their repertoire. I do hope JPG reorganizes soon.

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