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UrbEx Notes - entry 47b

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Day's Inn - Lafayette, Indiana
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Broken Dishes

Target is a 106,383-square-foot hotel built in 1972. Closed in 2003 after accruing over two million dollars in debt. Has set empty for over eleven years.

Long access road to the hotel has begun to be used as a turnaround and parking area for truck drivers wanting to pull off and sleep. The trucks tend to provide cover, distracting attention from that which a lone car or two would present. Eight rigs were parked along the road the day we visited. Tire tracks from several others were pressed into the fresh snow.

Much easier entry than anticipated. An eight foot tall chain link fence surrounds the property but there are a good half dozen areas with holes cut or fencing pealed back. Multiple doors to structure are pried open, one of them is half off of its hinges.

A lone dusty arm chair sits in the hotel lobby with its stuffing coming out. Trash, broken glass and debris everywhere. Someone changed letters on a lobby board sign to read "DeaTh on seond FLoor".

The crew consensus was that scrapers probably came first, ripping out wiring and pilfering anything of value or novelty. Then came the vandals and their recklessness. Then curious high school aged locals, pigeons flying in through broken windows and possibly a vagrant from the highway trying to find shelter. Then came the photographers.

Bottom two floors have all windows boarded up and all areas are in complete darkness. No natural light sources. Difficult to take good photos even with multiple head lamps, LEDS and long exposures. Available light on top two floors however is excellent. All windows have drapes removed, most windows in the rooms have been broken out.

Several large holes in the roof and busted overhead water pipes on the top floor have turned that hallway into a sheet of ice. Footing is a difficult, slow process. In the summertime the hall will become a slushy mess to wade through. Large bulky televisions have been tossed haphazard into the hallways and smashed. Out of the hundred some rooms we visited, no televisions were without damage. No bathrooms either. Every toilet, sink and shower looked as if it had been shattered with hammers. Whether this was to access scrap metal and fixtures or was just vandalism is unclear.

Heavy black mold grows on the walls. Piles of animal feces and bird feathers are in almost every room. A few rooms on the third floor have patches of bright green fungus growing out of the carpeting.

Surprisingly little graffiti even though it would seem an obvious location to target. What did exist was painted quick and crudely. Nothing artistic or especially interesting. A few outline cartoon heads were spray painted in the stairwell along with a four foot penis.

The main floor contained offices, two large conference rooms, a bar and separate restaurant. Most of these areas had been gutted long ago and were difficult to navigate in the darkness. The large kitchen area was especially interesting. Piles of broken plates and glasses littered most of the floors. Thousands of dollars worth of ovens, grills and other heavy duty industrial cooking equipment remain rusting and abandoned. Again, total blackness. Turn off the head lamps and you can't see your hand in front of your face. When you walk, the ground crunches from broken glass.

Further history http://archive.jconline.com/interactive/article/20140214/COLUMNISTS30/302140013/Hotel-from-hell-What-s-taking-long-get-rid-Greater-Lafayette-eyesore-

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