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Pinhole 1.3

Tower Bridge
Hecklers overground
The Diner
Liverpool Street Station
Canary Wharf
Towards the Cobbler
From the Cobbler

When starting to do pinhole photography, there are a few lessons to be learned along the way:

Pinhole must be big enough (pinhole 1.1). Otherwise, you'll get a huge vignette.

Camera must be well covered in electrical tape (pinhole 1.2). Light leaks are not your friend, unless when they are.

Keep camera steady (pinhole 1.3 - as shown here). Shaky shaky

Shooting with a pinhole is like learning to take photos all over again. But instead of a few weeks or days per lesson, now it takes months.

I created my first matchbox camera three months ago. This is the third film I've shot with it. It's getting progressively better. From the first film where I was trying to figure out if this is actually the film that I had shot (maybe there was a mix-up at the lab? or maybe they just came out so abstract). By film number 2, I started understanding where to point the camera (more or less). But alas, not enough electrical tape means light leaks give out some pretty awesome colours.

And then, film number 3. Images are recognizable, places seem familiar, moments remembered.

Can't wait for film number 4 and the amazing lessons that will bring.

Other useful resources:

The very lovely Ky Lewis. Actually, pinhole 1.1 was created during one of her workshops. Amazingly well explained, highly recommended http://www.kylewis.co.uk/

F295: Exploring Photography http://f295.org/home/

Without Lenses | exploring the art and craft of lensless photography http://www.withoutlenses.com/

The Pinhole Gallery | Since 1996, real images by real people. http://www.pinhole.org/

Jon Grepstad - Pinhole Photography http://home.online.no/~gjon/pinhole.htm

Pinhole Journal 46 Back Issues : Pinhole Journal Archive https://www.pinholeresource.com/index.php/all-products/pinhole-journal-46-back-issues/pinhole-journal-archive-detail

Also, a great site that takes you step by step through creating the camera itself.


But I do recommend you watch a few video tutorials out there (there are loads on youtube, just find one that works for you). Good luck ;)

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