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Night Wanderers of India

Night Wanderers of India - Photo

Night is often associated with darkness to the fear of the unknown and in this photo essay by Kristian Bertel he has portrayed nighttime in India. As a photographer he experienced that many things take place in India at this time of the hour, but also that nighttime is naturally associated with the vulnerability of the sense of the sight.

Moonlight and opportunities

As artificial lighting has improved, especially after the late night hours in the cities of India, night time activity has increased and become a significant part of the economy in most places, both in the cities of Delhi and Jaipur, where most of the photos in this photo essay are from. Many establishments in India, such as street food stall, bars, small stores, fast-food restaurants, gas stations, distribution facilities and small factories now operate twenty for hours a day or stay open as late as 1 or 2am. Even without artificial light, moonlight sometimes makes it possible to travel or work outdoors at night in India.

Photographing people in India

The photographer took some of his photos in the city of Jaipur, a city that is celebrated for its pinkish buildings in the old part of the city. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan where colorful Jaipuri natives attired in traditional clothes can be seen together with sidewalk shops overflowing with pottery and dyed or sequined fabric, and streets packed with camel carts, cycle-rickshaws, and wandering cows. It was in the old part of Jaipur city that the photographer spend most of his time photographing people during the daytime as he has a passion for taking portraits of people in India. It was here where most of the sights he wanted to see during the day were placed full of appealing bazaars with colorful textiles and trinkets, bangles, steel utensils, and copper ornaments and henna artists as well places to have snacks or tall glasses of lassi.

Night portraits from Jaipur, India

When the night sets in India the orange light from the street lights takes over the scene. Night photography refers to photographs taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. "- Night photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light and using a long exposure, exposing the scene for seconds or minutes in order to give the camera sensor enough time to capture a usable image. And with the wide-aperture lenses, and the ever-greater power of urban lights, night photography is increasingly possible using available light", the photographer says.

Nighttime chaos and noise in India

As a photographer he was surprised that during the nighttime he still had to deal with noise, chaos, a lot of touts and bargain hard if you want to purchase something at one of the bazaars in Jaipur, India. Jaipur is known for being one of the first planned cities in the world and it is rectangular in shape so for the photographer it was easy to navigate in during the night. "- Life in India is very active and people work in the night as the street vendor portrayed in this photo essay. Photos taken at night are often more difficult to take and the light is illuminating the scene more than daytime photos. Actually the best time to take nighttime pictures may not be at night, but rather at dusk. At dusk, there is still some light in the sky", the photographer says.

From Kristian Bertel photographer

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