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Who does not wish to have an aquarium at home? There is a saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way". Yes, it is possible to install a community freshwater aquarium at your home if you have desire. If filtration and temperature you can maintain by using modern gadgets, you need not to replace water so frequently and your worry has gone. Only you have to avoid over feeding in the aquarium.

Well !! Benefits are many, if you wish to have an aquarium. You will be happy to know that there are health benefits of keeping aquarium fish at your home aquarium. Further, I must say if there is stressful life, high blood pressure, insomnia in that case keeping an aquarium may be good therapy for you. Studies going back as far as the late 80's have shown that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure. Researchers have compared the effects of hypnosis vs. an aquarium, fish less vs. fish filled aquariums, and no aquarium vs. having an aquarium. In all cases, having some sort of aquarium reduced blood pressure. Interestingly enough, greater reduction in blood pressure occurred when there were fish in the tank, vs pleasingly decorated, but fish less, tanks. Virtually any aquarium, from large to small, will have a benefit. A large aquarium is great, but if space is limited, a small aquarium also will do. Senior citizens and students can usually find a place for an Eclipse style system. What better way to spend your lunch break than gazing at fish? Take advantage of the stress-relieving benefits of aquarium fish whenever, and wherever you can!

If you are looking for ways to brighten up the freshwater aquarium, finding an eye-catching and colorful freshwater fish is easier than you might think, especially when you have a list like the below to help you out.


The discus fish are a genus of Cichlids, which are native to the Amazon River basin. Their bright colors make them popular as a great choice for freshwater aquariums. Their body color pattern marking and color ranges from red, orange, brown, cream and brilliant shades of bright. Discus fish have stunning markings and bright brilliant all-over body colors. They also come in single color varieties and even pure white. There are many natural species of Discus but also hobbyist/ farm bred cultivated strains in which breeders have produced hundreds of variations of shapes, patterns and coloring. Discus lovers keep only variety of discus in a aquarium.


Killifish are widespread throughout Asia, South and North America, Africa and parts of Europe. They are lavishly colored and popular among hobbyist in the word because they are easy to keep in your freshwater aquarium. They come in red, blue and orange coloration's. The female Killifish are much less vibrantly colored and the male bodies have blue and yellow coloration with orange spots and stripes from the body to the tip of fins. It may be difficult to find one at your local fish store because Killifish are so attractive and popular among hobbyists.


The ram cichlid, is a species of freshwater fish endemic to the Orinoco River basin, in the savannas of Venezuela and Colombia in South America. The species has been examined in studies on fish behavior and is a popular aquarium fish, traded under a variety of common names, including ram, blue ram, German blue ram, Asian ram, butterfly cichlid, Ramirez's dwarf cichlid, dwarf butterfly cichlid and Ramirezi.They are peaceful and colorful small-sized Cichlid. This species is flamboyantly colored. Yellow-green colors make up the main body and blue dots cover the fins. There are also seven darker vertical stripes on the fish and one very obvious strip on the head and through the eye. There are red patches on the belly, near the eyes and upper and lower sections of the dorsal and tail fin. The fins are red and blue and the dorsal fin is dominated by yellow with black markings.


Gouramis are a group of freshwater fish that are native to Asian countries. Several of them have more different color combinations and patterns. The most colorful Gourami species are the Red Fire Dwarf Gourami which is available in India. They are peaceful in nature. Many Gouramis have feeler barbells at the front of their pelvic fins. They are almost the perfect aquarium fish as they are colorful, active, entertaining, are easy to care of and are hardy in freshwater aquarium. They come in many different stunning color variations like blue, gold, neon and sunset.

Denisonii barb

A peaceful and extremely active schooling fish for the aquarium, especially when young and less during adults. They will use all water levels of the aquarium. These fish are omnivores and eat pretty much whatever is offered. Loves freeze-dried blood worms and sinking shrimp pellets. Live food is a nice for them. Denisoni Barbs require a large enough tank to allow sufficient swimming space, but appreciates plants and driftwood to swim in through and around. Use hardier plants as they will nibble at soft plants. Ideally keep them with active fish of similar size, but they will work well in most community set-ups providing extreme size differences and no overly aggressive fish are present. Best water conditions in the tank are possible with the use of power-heads, excellent filtration and maintenance practices.


Tetras make up the most popular groups of fish for small freshwater home aquariums. They are the most peace loving fish and you can get a large variety of colorful active and hardy Tetra fish types, and have them all in a freshwater aquarium full of other tank mates. They are inexpensive, friendly, easy to feed and care. At a price of $2-$10 per fish, they are very affordable. A small school of the inexpensive variety would cost you less than $10! Popular Tetra Fishes are Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra ,Serpae Tetra , Diamond Tetra and Glowlight Tetra

For further quarries feel free to consult......Its free.( of course through JPG mail)

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    dear Saroj I studied your important stories with kind of variety colorfull aquarium fishs .it is better write its names under each beautiful fish to diagnose them from other .thank you for you imformation and wide studies .my vote and nominate.

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    Beautiful project. the photographs and narration are very well done. Your interest in community aquariums is very evident in this work.

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    I really enjoyed this story. Your passion for fish and photography are evident throughout this piece. The story is very interesting and informative. The photographs that accompany this story are beautiful. Wonderful and engaging story!

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    Your story was very informative and your knowledge of fish is vast.
    My favorite fish in your story is the ram fish. I too am calmed by gazing into an aquarium, they are so relaxing to watch swim.Great job...looking forward to your next project.

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    Thank you my dear friends. I am receiving mails from JPG friends that they are going to install one aquarium in there home for peace and prosperity and good health. My dream is fulfilled....Thank you very much for your kind note and props for the story.

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    Excellent photo essay and very informative narrative...I agree gazing at fish in aquariums is calming for the mind. .My late father used to carve fish from wood and it was a relaxing hobby for him.. You got my vote for this super photo essay!

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    Thank you Andrea.....

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