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75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Mass Band 2016

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There was over 18,000.00 kids in school band from each state was invited to perform to honoring that had loss their life and survivor... Hallsville High School Band was one of them that was invited. Some other school did parades and some other have perform in front of the Missouri battleship 63. Those students should be proud of them self to honoring those loss one and survivor too. Also some student that are in honoring band got to perform later that evening.

Survivor had got chance to tell their story about the day it happen and wrote it in the book. One of the survivor had lied about their ages to get in the military and fight back. School band went to USS Arizona, they stand around and had watched one of the survivor walk up and look at the wall to remember his crew and friends that loss their life, I had talked to one of the survivor, he was telling me that there other survivor had pass away after all those year after Pearl Harbor got hits and they want their ash to pour or put it in the steal mental block to bury in the water by USS Arizona battles ship. Also he had asked me what i was feeling when you and other people to see USS Arizona museum, I had told him that all I could hear them scream for helping and could see it in your eyes before go to watch the video about USS Arizona and other ships, Some people had said that their family was there to visit Pearl Harbor before it got hit and after. Some people had came up to them and shake their hands and said thank you and taking picture of them with other and by them self too. I had overheard that one of the survivor had one of their friends that couldn't handle the stress and commit suicide..They had wish that they could stop their friends from commit suicide.

One of the survivor from Marshall, Texas had pass away in his sleep after fews day that he had got back from 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor. One of the family member had said that their grandfather or uncle or dad knew that his time was coming, know that it be his last. When the family get ready to bury him. They had asked one of the student from high school band come and play tap at the graveyards.

This journey was somethings that you will always to remember for rest of your life. Someone had took a picture of me shaking of the survivor hands. I had met another survivor had asked me is my last name is Missildine and I said no, But I am relate to them. He said that he had a crew that have that last name and look like them that came out there after all of those years when Pearl Harbor had got hits.

I am glad that I got to come with Hallsville High School band. One of the student is my daughter.

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