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Mama Don't Take My Monochrome Away

Nap Time

I had a conversation with my favorite JPG member today. She was looking for an image of mine that she couldn't find. I explained that I had taken it down. It only had eleven views and I thought I had over edited the picture. It was a monochrome image, as is most of my work. She said, "Well congratulations on the best of January picture that disappeared." I had no Idea! She went on to say that she thought that most members simply skip over black and white images in preference to color. I hope that's not true. The soul of photography itself is black and white.

I'm a child of the sixties. Every major event in that time period came to me in black and white. The civil rights movement, President Kennedy's assassination, the Vietnam war all came to me in the pages of Life Magazine and Newsweek in monochrome. I have an image in my head to this day of Kennedy's funeral procession and the grainy, grayscale, riderless horse that danced across our black and white TV screen. I guess my soul is black an white as well.

There are so many talented people doing exceptional work on JPG. I see beautiful images saturated with color. I even try my hand at color now and then. I also see members making outstanding black and white work that would grace the wall of an art gallery. So, as much as I love my friend, I hope she is wrong. Please give a little time to each image you see, monochrome or color. Remember someone has just uploaded a piece of themselves.

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6 responses

  • Lynn E. Harvey

    Lynn E. Harvey gave props (3 Feb 2018):

    Well, your friend is a child of the 60's I am guessing, and this Gallery of Black and White does take us back to the beginning of great memories and some we can only learn from. Great collection and wonderful narrative. Have a great weekend!

  • Andrew Dutton

    Andrew Dutton (Deleted) said (3 Feb 2018):

    I started out shooting black and white in 1971. I developed my own film and prints in military craft shops. Although I don't post very many black and white images, b&w has always been my favorite medium for photography. Great story and images, Del ... thank you!

  • Lynn E. Harvey

    Lynn E. Harvey gave props (12 Feb 2018):

    Congratulations Del!!!!

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (13 Feb 2018):

    Congratulations for story of the week..Your black and white images are masterpieces!.

  • Paper Stars

    Paper Stars gave props (3 Jun 2018):

    A lot of people are of the opinion that life is in colour for the vast majority of us, so why should photography be anything else? But that seems like such a simple way of looking at things. Photographs is essentially an art form. It's there to be challenged and experimented with. Monotone images can take something seemingly average and everyday and create a whole new way of viewing it. There is so much emotion to be found! Monotone will always have a place on JPG and beyond.

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