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My whole life, I have been fascinated by people and their emotions and expressions. Once I became a photographer, I knew I was destined to capture these moments on camera. One of my teachers in high school even told me that I had an affinity for this kind of thing.

My mission here is to capture completely candid people in their environments. Some of the moments are the powerful ones, and some aren't. But all in all, they're ordinary people living ordinary lives.

These photos are from places that I've been all over the world. And I have more negatives that I have yet to scan that I'm thinking about adding. I was recently in Florence, Italy, where the immigration crisis is so bad that it can be noticed by anyone, even a tourist, walking through the streets. I completed a photo project over there that was composed of portraits of the migrant workers. People work low-paying jobs to pay for minimal housing over there, and it shows on their worn, tired, and sometimes almost leatherlike faces. I thought about this on my way back to the States and wanted to work on something that exposed a similar kind of emotion in my subjects. This is a bit lighter on the heart than my previous project, but it is something that calls me at heart. I am currently working on a thesis in film photography on roughly the same subject matter, so I have film that will be processed next time I get in the darkroom that might be added to this later on. I would love for this to become a collective project of sorts. My two narrative elements are that the photos depict people in natural settings and that they are black and white. Let me know what y'all think!

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