How to Make A voodoo Doll

voodoo doll
voodoo doll
voodoo doll

Recently my best friend of five years made the mistake of calling me by the wrong name. Because I am such a mature adult I headed off to the local craft supply store to purchase everything I would need to make a voodoo doll. Ron would rue the day he called me Laurie.

There are four essential materials:

full body shot of your victim

Printer transfer paper


thread and needle

Once you have choosen your photo print it as large as possible on a sheet of photo transfer paper, which can be found at any craft store. Follow the directions of the transfer paper to print it on white fabric. If you do not mind text or graphic on the clothes remember to reverse the picture beore you print. Be sure to iron your fabric before transferring your image.

Next choose a fabric for the back of your doll. (I like to use patterned linen for my dolls) You may also want to include a heart on your doll, which is useful to cover any text on the victim's shirt.

Cut around the transfered fabric and set aside any fabric scraps. Cut the same shape out of your back fabric and set those scraps aside as well. Next cut a small slit in the back fabric. This is the hole you will use to stuff the doll when you have finished sewing.

Line up the two fabrics with the good sides (also known as the "right sides") facing each other. Sew the fabrics together and cut off excess fabric when you have finished. cut small notches at armpits, crotch, and fingers being careful not to cut the thread.

Now you can carefully turn your doll inside out, you may need to use a pencil push the fingers out. Stuff your doll with your fabric scraps through the slit in the back fabric. If you run out of fabric to stuff with dryer lint and yarn will work just as well.

The final step is to sew the slit in the back shut. Once that is done you might chose to add extras to your doll, such as a heart, a pouch to store torture pins, or even guidelines of where to push your pins.

Now that your voodoo doll is complete locate some pins from Grandma's sewing basket and torture your victim!

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