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Hanafiah (46) is a fisherman in Krueng Cut Village, Banda Aceh. In December 26th 2004, the Tsunami devastated most coastal areas of Aceh and killed almost 200 thousands people. Hanafiah is a survivor who lost everything he had, including home, boat and fishery equipments.

With a self-made boat, he had been trying hard to rebuild his life and support his family, a wife and son. "I had some money left, so I made a small boat to continue our life" said Hanafiah. Every now and then, the boat needs to get fixed, because the quality is quite poor. "well, this is the only thing that I have, so I have to live with it" he added.

Being a victim of tsunami, he have not received any help. And he is not the only one. Although governments and aid agencies has been trying very hard to rebuild Aceh and helps victims of tsunami, many survivors still living on the edge.

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