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Kicks & Cracks

old kicks, old cracks

I've always had a thing about my feet. I like em. They get me around pretty good & rarely complain. They're pretty damn good lookin too, lemme tell ya! You get a chance to see them in their birthday suit... stunning. (They're blushing now, but it's true.)

I've always had a thing about curbs. Something really working class about em. Reminds me of my upbringing. They remind me of falling and scraping my knee that time, walking with my mum to my Gramma's. I was a daredevil and wouldn't heed mum's words about the perils of walking on the edge of the curb. I was being Evil Knievel! Though, thinking back, I didn't 'fall and break my neck'... I just scraped my knee. Still a pretty serious wound at 4. 'Doctor Gramma' put some stuff on my knee that definitely hurt me more than her. It felt like punishment.

Been wearing canvas shoes for almost 20 years. Red ones have been preferred. The last few years though, I've had to rethink my style. They've become far too trendy. 'Chucks' are now made by Nike & Vans are made in China... I just can't buy into that. Opted for No Sweats over the past few years... but all the cool kids still comment on how 'awesome' my 'chucks!' are & I just don't have the heart or the interest in giving them the lecture on 'cool'.

I'm off to buy a pair of sensible shoes, a cardigan, a pipe and a vinyl re-pressing of I Against I.

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5 responses

  • Sherry Davis Johnson

    Sherry Davis Johnson gave props (17 Feb 2009):

    I loved this photo essay! Great work!


        gave props (8 Mar 2009):

    nice theme!

  • molly .

    molly . gave props (14 Mar 2009):

    awesommmme! thanks for the link... this reminds me a LOT of my shoe shots!

  • J. Harris Blacklist

    J. Harris Blacklist gave props (22 Jul 2009):

    Excellent all every shot!!

  • Marie-Suzanne Nunes

    Marie-Suzanne Nunes gave props (14 Jan 2010):

    Excellent work! It rocks.

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