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Curiouser and Curiouser!


I have wanted to work with miniatures for quite a while. I've always found them kind of fascinating and had a lot of ideas and sketches in my notebooks.

The inspiration for this series came from things as wide ranging as books, childhood memories, re-runs of the X Files and the work of a handful of other photographers.

I'm not really interested in creating photos that are miniature copies of life as we might find it. You won't see a straight diorama in this series. Meaning you will never see something that is just a tiny scene or re-creation of life as we know it.

There is a loose set of rules, or formula, that all the images follow to one extent or another but I have given myself a lot of latitude for creativity. I think and work in terms of props. For me this is an entirely different mindset than building a diorama. I also treat my miniatures more as models working within the scene than as part of the propping. At least one of them has a nickname and will likely inspire future images. There will be at least fifteen images in the first run of the series and possibly more.

What ever you might see in these images, know that they are meant to be fun and not taken too seriously.

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10 responses

  • Mike Lopez

    Mike Lopez gave props (1 Oct 2008):

    Nice use of DOF. Excellent execution!

  • Ashley McLaughlin

    Ashley McLaughlin gave props (4 Oct 2008):

    This is probably the best photo story I've seen on JPG! HILLARIOUS! especially the whole "it came out of the sky" one! very very creative! great job!

  • Sarah Dudley

    Sarah Dudley gave props (18 Oct 2008):

    I am in love with this! Pure genious!

  • christy banister

    christy banister (Deleted) gave props (25 Oct 2008):


  • Hector Ortiz

    Hector Ortiz gave props (1 Nov 2008):

    freaking awesome...

  • Brandon Pendred

    Brandon Pendred said (12 Dec 2008):

    I love this series! It is fun and very entertaining! Please make more photos!

  • Guna Dwi

    Guna Dwi gave props (27 Dec 2008):

    love the scenes..briliant

  • Eldora

    Eldora gave props (3 Jun 2009):

    absolutely amazing. this has to get published!

  • Debbie Smartt

    Debbie Smartt gave props (27 Jul 2011):

    I love this!

  • Jeff Dailey

    Jeff Dailey said (28 Jul 2011):

    I love miniature pics. I tend to recreate big scenes with mine, but I like the idea of doing something creative like this.

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