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Panning fun!

bicycling through the city
Fast, but not so furious...
Aboard the Ferris Wheel
National Pride
Cotton Candy Man
In front of 'Vaishali' He goes...
A vertical panning shot
the world whizzes by...

Almost a year ago, I was terrifically in love with the technique of panning. Then, I got into many other techniques and equipments.

Today, I was standing outside a Café with my friends with camera in hand after sundown, and seeing all the speeding traffic I realised I hadn't tried any panning shots for a long time. So I was swaying along with vehicles and capturing the beautiful blurring streaks of light behind the relatively crisp subject!

I find there's a nice rhythm that my body starts following when I'm clicking panning shots. I don't use a tripod, and my body has to swing from waist up. It's just like taking a golf swing! With one leg firmly on the ground, the other leg acting as the pivot... the body follows the moving object completely. In case of vehicular panning, the waist actually twists along with the subject, and relaxes back to its normal position once the shot is done. If the flow of traffic is regular, then it the waist twists in the other direction completely, relaxes to normal, and back to the start to capture another subject. Good exercise for the waist, you may say!

Well, successful panning requires its fair share of luck too. It's not so easy most of the time, starting from spotting your subject, to maintaining your panning speed according to the vehicle, to setting up the shot, for which you just don't get any time!

Last year during my period of fascination with panning, I used to post bicycle panning shots on Flickr quiet often. One of my contacts had commented then: "You have a thing for guys on bicycles?!... let me search for my old BMX!"

Only if you ride up and down the street for me posing for panning shots... you got yourself a sureshot date!

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