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A Unique Look at Ice!

During the winter of 2007, I shot some photos of ice at a park near my home in New Jersey (USA). When I got home, I was inspired by the results to shoot more ice pictures, but it was too cold and dark to go out again that night, so I froze a chunk of ice in my freezer, got out some lights, food coloring, and salt and started on a creative journey. Since that initial experiment, I have shot well over a thousand photos of ice, using different coloring, background materials, sculpting techniques, and lighting. Most of the photos are of an area of ice that measures no more than 2" x 3" or so. I have altered some using software, but the ones here are pretty much original shots (jpgmag-friendly), with a minimum of post-production work applied. I would love to hear your comments about my work, and I would be interested to know if you or anyone you know are doing anything like this. Check out more of my work at



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  • Talon

    Talon said (9 Oct 2008):

    What a cool (pun intended) idea. The results remind me of marble..and the movement in the shots is remarkable.

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