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LDS Missionaries with Portuguese Converts.

The Mormon approach to proselytizing appears to be systematic, using the most sophisticated techniques of persuasion. Amiable and laid back, the two-men team of missionaries make friends even if they often are unsuccessful making conversions. Their earnestness reflects the sincerity of their beliefs.

Working within the culture of host countries, they borrow the formalities and trappings of their tradition. During open house, when they inaugurated their new building, evidence of this is manifested in their displays. Their sociability is another asset. The religion has an American brand. It is unusual it is not that influential in The US outside certain enclaves.

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  • Jef Price

    Jef Price (Deleted) said (18 Nov 2008):


  • Frank Summers

    Frank Summers gave props (27 Nov 2008):

    They come by here many times, once I was cutting the grass they offered to do the yard work for me, I didnt let them, thanked them. Nice essay on them.

  • Richard Knight

    Richard Knight gave props (25 Jan 2011):

    Very interesting essay and perceptive commentary.

  • Bruce Stradling

    Bruce Stradling said (6 Jul 2011):

    Nicely done.

  • manuel rodolfo

    manuel rodolfo gave props (23 Mar 2013):

    Mr. Kuntze is very creative that he aptly matched his brief essay on the Mormons with appropriate photos. Or, rather, should I say, he selected vivid images to describe the Mormons.

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