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Strange Fruit


As the titans of agriculture and the food industry continue to genetically modify everything we eat, and apply for patents on pigs (Monsanto), one has to wonder just how far is too far.

Many have probably heard that flounder genes, a deep water fish, are used in tomatoes to make them more cold resistant on the vine. Vegetarians stay away! The list goes on, especially since Heinz recently announced that they are developing a sweeter tomato. Why? The price of corn is skyrocketing, which means so is high fructose corn syrup. (Which, by the way, the average American ingests 65 lbs a year of that stuff...ick!) I'll give it to Heinz for breeding the old fashioned way; it's the HFCS that's the problem.

I'll not even mention the healthy dose of pesticides used. That would be too depressing.

From the field to the fork, what we eat has been commandeered, manipulated and made into monsters. Yet, we continue to consume. Beware of Soylent Green and Killer Tomatoes.

What can we do? I eat organic whenever possible, but still occasion fast food. French fries are just so damn good. I'm addicted to bacon and bird, but find myself eating beans and rice more often. It's a balance.

Educating yourself is the most important part.

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