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Swedish Street Fashion: Göteborg

Swedish Street Fashion: Johanna

In the fall of 2007, my humble little city of Göteborg, on Sweden's west coast, was the subject of a massive write-up in The New York Times.

It turns out we had been deemed hip.

Almost painfully so.

Music, arts, fashion, food -- we were suddenly the destination in Sweden that was on the cutting edge, and that had the most to offer to tourists far and wide.

Local journalists and artists that I spoke to after the publication of the article all seemed relatively pleased with the publicity. Yet, there was also a sense that the article hadn't devoted quite enough attention to the locals.

After all, take a walk through our city streets, and you'd quickly see it's not just a select few in the culture industry that make Göteborg hip.

It's also the way that residents of our fair city have a unique and well-thought out sense of style -- one that subtly impresses without being overstated.

So, consider this a minor addendum to what The New York Times wrote about us. Not only are we home to a "newfound urban felicity" (though most of us are still uncertain just how to decipher that term), we're also capable of some truly awe-inspiring sartorial selections.

Whether it's vintage dresses down by the waterfront, old cardigan sweaters tossed over the famed little black dress on a chilly evening, or men's clothing inspired by the concept of hacking, we wear it.

And we wear it damn well.

Hope you like what you see.

And, of course, you're always welcome for a visit.

5 responses

  • Aaron Schultz

    Aaron Schultz (Deleted) said (25 Sep 2008):

    Great essay. All the photos have a subtle creativity.

  • sasha ormond

    sasha ormond said (1 Dec 2008):

    i remember reading this in the magazine for the first time and feeling totally inadequate in terms of my seemingly cool fashion!! i LOVED this story!

  • Artur Bednarz

    Artur Bednarz said (14 Oct 2009):

    Great essay. The itle photo is really impressive.

  • Andrea Gamba

    Andrea Gamba said (17 Apr 2010):

    Göteborg We love you!!! Nice shots guy. I've been living in that city for a year and half. I can recognize all the places from which you took the pics and I would say that one of the most important character of the young Swedish people is their style. I love it. Good job. Andrea

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (18 May 2014):


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