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Window on Lyon

Real eye-candy for photographers, that's how I discovered Lyon. A French city with so much on offer for you, your camera and creativity.

Not often do you find Lyon listed as a popular destination for tourists. The city has something very special nevertheless. It is centrally located and as it is relatively small also much easier to visit then for example Paris - but still equally beautiful and highly diverse.

Tourists mainly visit the old town - the Gothic area - and the Roman remains. Obviously these areas are full with beautiful spots: narrow, romantic streets, appealing structures and buildings, as well as old facades, rounded corners and a huge amphitheater.

The challenge however is to discover the 'real' Lyon. I found the city as a whole visually so attractive that I spent most of my time wondering around many other parts of town.

In fact, wondering around the city will bring you many surprises, such as the amazing wall-paintings or murals as they are also called. Lyon is famous for it; not only can you find huge walls fully painted, I also found a neighborhood with window- and street-scenes painted all around.

The two rivers that go around the new city center offer spectacular sceneries with beautiful bridges, shore-views, reflections and lights. And from the main hill, above the old town next to the Roman ruins, you can gasp from above at the city and its different layers of heights. A real surprise it the way the city is built up, with its different rooftop-colors and styles.

In addition, once every year the city organizes the famous light-festival when they lit up three-hundred buildings and sites throughout the city that change colors - from yellow to pink to purple. If you happen to miss this event, don't worry as during the year you can easily find buildings en-lighted with intense and deep colors.

I only planned one or two days for Lyon, but stayed five. It has simply too much to offer for me and my camera. Thankfully I am a very flexible traveler so I could stay longer before moving to Switzerland. Lyon can excellently feed your creative self if you give it the opportunity.

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