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Beauty on the Beast

This is not a story to toot my own horn,But a story of inspiration from friends I have made on JPG , The confidence gained from your comments and a representation for all of us as photographers,

I have met many a fine friend and photographer on this site, I have gained much inspiration and technique, through viewing and having personal chats.

I am new to digital photography and have only been shooting for less than 2 years.

I started posting some work on December of 2007.... Because of the comments from newly found friends and admirers of some of my work. My self confidence in what I was doing became stronger.You taught me to push myself and try new things, with each positive and personal critique given, I gained enough confidence to submit my work to the New Hampshire Artist Association, A 12 man jury selection,of 4 pieces of my work to become a member of the artist council. This was this past Feb, of 2008.

In March of this year I was selected by the jury as the only digital photographer to become a member of the NHAA.

In the past recent weeks I entered my second juried exhibition and competition for the summer art show " The Grace Casey Memorial" Prescott Park Arts Festival.

Not Only Did My work get selected for both Shows, I just found out tonight at the awards presentation That My photography piece Won First place" The Grace Casey Memorial Award" for outstanding excellence in art achievement. for this Summers Prescott Park arts festival!.

This is not only huge for me, But for photographers in general, This is an award that has very, very rarely ever given to a photographer in the last 20 years" let alone a digital photographer.

Even the Photographer for the local newspaper gave me the Hi Five and a thank you for representing photographers....that really made my day!

This award is for all of us, And I can't thank my friends on JPG, for the inspiration, admiration, and the boost in confidence to pursue what I truly enjoy doing... I could'nt and would'nt have done it without your support!

And to represent what we all do in photography as a form of "ART"!

Hugz and Handshakes to people who have inspired me in one way or another!

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  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (31 Jul 2009):

    WoW is right - what a wonderful tribute to us all. Thank you, Steve, for being one of my mentors!

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