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the art in photography

The kingdom Within

There are photographs and more photographs still that immortalize time and space in its natural form, one that will have generations to come marvelling over the turn of events encapsulated in each frame.

These are valuable and precious experiences shared without barriers of the time and space they are derived from and all in their distinct original composition.

Today, advancement in technology has made it virtually easier to recreate visuals that transcend the normal perceptions of them.

Take a photograph of an apple for instance, one sees it as such and takes a natural photograph of it perhaps still clinging to a tree or perhaps sitting on a sunlit table; and then another sees it as a foretaste of a future so then this one proceeds to incorporate creativity with the natural form and begins to work perhaps with a photoshop to enhance the picture further to make it look like a mirror of the self...while the results are incredible, it is still is in essence an apple but it has been transformed to yet another's experience of it...

So you see, this is art in photography, no longer confined to the whims of the moment but have unshackled the creative genius within the camera's eye that sees the entirety of the panoramic vista of realities endeavoring to reach a far more sublime summit in the artistic expressions of life unfolding...

How is this relative to photography and to our lives for that matter?

We are all in constant state of flux, we grow with the times and with this realization we know that what keeps us grounded is the love for art.

Art is that which uplifts the spirit to the level beyond the ordinary and we strive towards it because like faith, it is our destiny.

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