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Through a square lens

Through a square lens I

The "square lens" optical setup is at eye level in the bathroom of a top floor bedroom of a bed & breakfast in the town of Nyons in Drôme provençale.  It is composed of a narrow row of glass bricks, looking into a large closet that itself has a roof-top window (Velux type) that in turn opens on the hillside on which the town of Nyons is resting.

Just standing there, one can see a row of small and very distorted views of the hillside.  Each one is a different square vignette that frames strange colored blobs, a mixture of blue, green, and brown patches.  One can recognize (more or less) that those blobs are images of the roof-top window frame, of the sky, of trees, and of houses.  The views are shifting and changing shape at the slightest move.  The blobs grow and shrink, appear and disappear.  This glimpse of the outside world (behind both the wall and the roof) is weird, unstable, and elusive.

Only a camera (my handheld Canon IXUS 860 IS) can freeze it into a strange abstract scenery.

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