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RIP, spirit of JPG

I was so flattered and excited when Derek Powazek, the co-founder of JPG magazine, asked if I'd like to conduct an interview for their 10th issue. But while they were cranking out the details to send the issue off to press, I sensed something wasn't quite right.

Now the story is out - on metafilter, on flickr and, by press time, all over the web. At first I was shocked to hear what had happened and really sad that it had happened to Heather and Derek, two people who I know to be so giving; full of kindness, honesty and limitless enthusiasm. To me, they are the embodiment of the best things about the internet and how far creative and hard-working individuals can push the medium. I'm continually inspired by each of them: their past successes and their drive to create new projects, the way they somehow do things in ways that haven't been done before.

Instead of deleting my account here, I decided to post this instead as a show of support to two of my favorite creative people. I don't know if JPG will survive this blow or be as smart without the people who conceived it. But I am sure it will pale in comparison to whatever venture Derek and Heather put their minds to next.

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