Interview with Daniel Boud

Interview with Daniel Boud

What equipment do you use? Do you use a remote flash? Your lighting is just perfect!

I've had the Canon Rebel XT for almost a year now. To that I've usually attached my Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens or my most recent purchase, a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens.

If I do use a flash it's never the onboard flash - I have a Canon 420EX. It's cheap but really does the job. I try and bounce it off a wall or ceiling to soften the light where possible.

Do you tweak a lot in Photoshop afterwards?

I don't tweak "a lot" but I do often adjust the levels or curves to make the blacks really black and notch up the contrast a little. Sometimes I try and tone done an overwhelming redness in the colour balance.

When the fans are going nuts and you photograph them, do you try to look inconspicuous so they don't realize that you and your camera are there, or do you ask their permission?

For the shots of people in crowds I usually don't verbally ask, but it's fairly obvious I'm pointing a camera at them and they perform as such. I'd prefer to catch an unguarded moment when someone is unaware of the camera, and sometimes you're lucky enough to get that.

Don't you care about your camera getting damaged? Do you use any water beer-proof cases? ;-)

Hehe :) Some would be horrified by the way I treat my gear. It does get battered around a bit and has had the odd spill.

I was shooting at a festival in January and someone in the crowd hurled a sopping wet sponge in my direction and it landed right on my camera. It threw me for a bit - I quickly dried it off as much as I could with my t-shirt. Thankfully the camera didn't falter and I was snapping away shortly after. You only get to photograph three songs when you've got a photo pass so time is of the essence.

My camera's definitely close to the end of it's nine lives. I'll just use it as an excuse to upgrade ;)

Do you pay for the festival tickets and do you like the music of the bands you photograph?

I've been lucky enough to get photo passes to some pretty great music events this year. But I'll pay to see a show I'm really keen on.

I much prefer to shoot a band whose music I love - and nearly all the shots you see of mine are of bands I love. But there's also bands I love to photograph but I'm not a great fan of the music. The more heavy hardcore acts for instance; I love the intensity and passion of the performance (it's a joy to photograph) but you won't find me listening to the tunes on my iPod.

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