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JPGers Rock The Trees at Clarian Arnett!

Welcome to Clarian Arnett


Winning composition in the 2nd contest for Photos for Health were permanently installed & an artist dedication ceremony October 12, 2008, at the Clarian Arnett facility in Lafayette, Indiana just a few days before the facility opened the doors to the public.

The interior for Clarian Arnett was designed to promote healing & celebrate life with each floor symbolic to the 'Tree of Life'. The winning compositions & interior design have brought together this concept in a beautiful way. A big woohoo to all of you for making this happen with your serene submissions & spreading the word!

The JPGer winning compositions and/or photographers we had the joy to view & celebrate during the dedication are listed below & promise smiles for years & years to come! Thank you to everyone who so enthusiastically supported this effort with your photography & helping spread the word on this opportunity.

* Agus Achmadyana 4 installations (flr 1 hallway; flr 2 staff support)

* Jolie B 4 installations (garden flr 1 waiting, flr 2 hallway, flr 2 hallway, surgery)

* Glen Buzbee 6 installations (flr 1 provider support, flr 5 patient rms, garden atrium)

* Debbie Cannaday 2 installations (flr 5 lobby, garden atrium)

* Samantha Dean 11 installations (flr 1 prep recovery, A1145; flr 3 patient rms; flr 5 patient rm)

* Barbara Gerstner 15 installations (flr 1 prep recovery, hallway; flr 2 hallway; flr 3 patient rm; flr 4 restrm, staff support, hallway, flr 5 guest support, patient rms

* Jessica Hardin 3 installations (flr 3 hallway, flr 5 patient rm, garden atrium elevator)

* J. Harris 5 installations (flr 2 lobby, water fountain; flr 5 family support, patient rms)

* Eva Hoffman (flr 5 patient rm)

* Steve Hogle (flr 1 hallway)

* Richard Johnson (flr 5/patient rm 524)

* Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid (garden)

* Mary Ann Lewis 8 installations (flr 1prep recovery; flr 2 hallway; flr 3 hallway; flr 4 hallway; garden)

* Tannis McCartney 2 installations (flr 3 patient rm; flr 5 patient rm)

* Dorothy Menosky permanent installations of "Bursting Bloom" (winner in contest #1 as well) (flr 1-hallway)

* Julie Norris installation (flr 4; patient rm)

* Rebecca Parker 4 installations (flr 1 lobby; flr 3 patient rms; flr 5 staff lounge)

* David Piszczek 5 installations

* Amy Quicke 4 installations (flr 1 lobby, ed2; flr 5 restrm, hallway)

* Mojca S. 4 installations (flr 1 waiting rm, flr 5 patient rm)

* Jo Anne Shinn 5 installations (flr 3 elevator lobby, flr 5 patient rm, garden atrium)

* Alice Dalla Stella (flr 1 intake)

* Natalie S. 2 installations (flr 3 patient rms)

* Patricia Shanahan 5 installations (flr 1 intake, restrm, prep/recovery; garden)

* Kelly Wren 2 installations (flr 1 treadmill/echo; flr 3 staff retreat)

Lari Johnston (flr 5 patient rms & garden atrium)

Maria Tizon (flr 5 patient rm)

Thank you again everyone for submitting your time & talent to this project.

You can find a pdf of all the winners here---> "CLARIAN ARNETT PHOTO WINNERS"For those JPGers entering PHOTOS for HEALTH at Riley Children's Hospital stay tuned & in the meantime, check out Robin Jerstad's capture "Neo-Natal" captured at Riley Hospital.

*****Update Dec. 10th, 2008: Call for submissions in the Riley Contest #3 has been extended. Photo submissions for Animals & Ecosystems: Oceans, Beaches, Mountains, Forests & Rainforests will be held open until JANUARY 18, 2009. If you'd like to participate, you still have a few weeks!! ***** Visit

If you have a winning composition on JPG, feel free to link your photo below!

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17 responses

  • Patricia Shanahan

    Patricia Shanahan said (26 Sep 2008):

    Congratulations to all ! It's such an honor and priviledge to have been part of this beautiful & worthy project !Having my 2 shots chosen for installation has been so exciting ! Hopefully we can all be there together for the installation ! Thank you Jolinda for bringing this awesome project to us all !

  • Kelly Wren

    Kelly Wren gave props (27 Sep 2008):

    Yes, congratulations to everyone. They chose 2 of my photos. Thanks to my cousing Julie Norris for her winning entry, it inspired me.

  • Amelia (amy) Quicke

    Amelia (amy) Quicke gave props (27 Sep 2008):

    Congrats to everyone....some awesome shots....We rock!!!

  • Agus Achmadyana

    Agus Achmadyana gave props (28 Sep 2008):

    Congratulations to all, wonderful. I am also very exciting some of my photos has been selected, Happy can contribute to this project.

  • Catherine Kurvink

    Catherine Kurvink said (29 Sep 2008):

    Congratulations to you all!

  • marilu

    marilu (Deleted) gave props (29 Sep 2008):

    Congratulations to everyone! I really happy that I was able to be part of the great project along with all the talented and generous JPGers. Thanks Joli for keeping us updated and for your fantastic articles! :)

  • Jo Jo

    Jo Jo gave props (30 Sep 2008):

    CONGRATULATIONS, EVERYONE!!! I'm excited for you all! I'm delighted to also have my work chosen again. This time I don't think I can make it to Indy though... Thanks again, Jolinda, for spreading the word! =)

  • Jessica Hardin

    Jessica Hardin gave props (19 Oct 2008):

    Great essay and it's so great that you do all this work to stary on top of these contests and post about the winners, thanks Jolinda! I feel honored to have a few of my pieces selected and for such a great cause! Congratulations to all of you who have had work installed here!

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (22 Oct 2008):

    Congratulations indeed...I apologize for not be able to make the cut...These rock!

  • Steve Hogle

    Steve Hogle said (22 Oct 2008):

    Congratulations to everyone who particapated for a wonderful cause!

  • Martie Last

    Martie Last said (9 Nov 2008):

    Thanks for the informative story. The building looks incredibly beautiful with all the photos.

  • Lynn H

    Lynn H (Deleted) gave props (11 Dec 2008):

    WONDERFUL!! My vote

  • Catherine Hadler

    Catherine Hadler gave props (14 Dec 2008):

    well done Joli :o)

  • John Linton

    John Linton said (11 Apr 2009):

    I'm such a loser...I think I'm the only one to upload something they didn't want. I hope this story gets published.

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (11 Apr 2009):

    Hell...Yeah! It rocks!

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