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From up above the heavens

We all are used to seeing things as they are, pretty much one to one scale. when it gets out of focus we usually don't bother to look any further. I love moving into positions where you have a great overview and things look small and make you feel insignificant, sometimes we need to be humbled and be reminded we are not the center of the universe, that we don't matter if we don't stick out by our deeds (hopefully positive ones). Being up there in the high rise buildings, Towers, mountains and looking down on our peers makes you realize we are just a pawn in the process of life and not more then that, not a king, a queen or a bishop (well some are :) ). Seeing things in perspective of the bigger picture sometimes evens opens your eyes to new opportunities. That is why I like to get to higher grounds when I can, it shifts ones focus and conviction at times. Interested to see these locations and shoot photographs from "up there"? Visit

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3 responses

  • KY M................

    KY M................ said (3 Nov 2008):

    This is a very interesting perspective and reminds me that I am not the only one who thinks about things such as this. Great angles, story and should expand on these and make yourself an coffee table style portfolio out of this work!

  • KY M................

    KY M................ gave props (3 Nov 2008):

    Nice creative concept

  • Tom Hall

    Tom Hall said (4 Nov 2008):

    Thanks for the comments, I greatly appreciate your feedback. Also like it that people share my perception :)

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