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Urban Fashion
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Pirate Dreams.

I focus predominantly on shooting on location, and found a real gem in a motorway underpass. Its decay, rust and unusual lines make for a great location to contrast with alternative fashion photoshoots.

The decay juxtaposed with glossy latex looks sublime and amplifies the shine of the rubber, the ramps leading up to the surface provide some beautiful back lighting for high fashion set ups, it is covered over so is ideal for shooting in the rain and poor weather, and easily accessible, yet is also not too public that it creates problems when shooting there. Its design means it has areas of shadow and light, making it perfect to use for my love of natural lighting set ups.

It has become one of my staple locations, it is edgy and grungy, and large enough that photos never need look shot in the exact same place.

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  • Christopher Talbot

    Christopher Talbot said (6 Nov 2008):

    i think the problem you have is only a few represent the idea of fashion against urban decay. i don't think there's enough contrast to the two ideas you've proposed. zoom out a little more maybe?

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