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My Paradise

My Paradise

Paradise can mean different things to different people. It can be a feeling, a place, an experience. To me, paradise means all the above when I come to Siesta Key beach. To me, paradise means to be able to live in a moment.

As I walk to the beach, I breathe in fresh air. The soft breeze plays in my hair. The sugar-white sand caresses my tired feet. It is so soft, it feels like I walk on the cloud. "Ha ha ha," I hear seagulls in a distance. "Swoosh Swoosh," the waves crash ashore. I dip my feet in the water. It feels refreshingly cool. I go deeper in the gulf. The turquoise water reflects deep blue sky. I see schools of fish pass me by. Smaller ones, then the bigger ones. I look up and see family of pelicans fly by. Suddenly, "Splash" all of them fall from the sky almost in unison. Instantly, they re-appear with beakfull of fish. Opportunist seagulls fly around them trying to snatch fish from their beaks. It's incredible to watch them fish. Pelicans always fascinate me with their precise sport-fishing techniques.

As I come out of the water, I close my eyes in contentment. I feel all the sensations in my body: the tickling droplets, the gentle breeze, the warm sun. I lick my salty lips and open my eyes. The colors become more brighter. The sand is snow-white, the water is sparkling blue. I feel totally energized and rejuvenated. It feels great to be alive! It feels so good to live in a moment.

Now, if I stay longer or come back for a sunset, Siesta Key becomes the whole new world. The sky fills up with colors. Sunsets are different every day. Some are more red, some are more orange. Some are simple, and some are very dramatic. It is like a celebration of day's end and coming new tomorrow.

Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL is one of the best beaches in the world. The powdery white sand consists of 99% quartz. It is a must see, if you are ever in the area. It is a true paradise on earth.

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  • Aaron Mythen

    Aaron Mythen gave props (22 Nov 2008):

    Wow!! You make it sound so appealing I wish I was there right now!! Got my vote...

  • Michael Ball

    Michael Ball gave props (22 Nov 2008):

    Great story!! Beautiful images!! It rocks!!

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