Photo Challenge: First Name

What's in a name? A whole lot, especially if it's yours! In honor of everyone's favorite word, this photo challenge is dedicated to finding or making an image of your first name.

We were inspired by this challenge's guest editor Marc Horowitz, whose Signature Series project has taken the name game to a whole new level. Marc signed his name on a US map and then drove the route marked by his signature. Along the way, he "improved" 19 towns that fell along his signature's path. These "improvements" include starting an Anonymous Semi-Nudist Colony in Nampa, Idaho and burying an entire town's problems in Craig, Colorado.

For this photo challenge, please stick to your FIRST name, and represent it photographically in a way that best expresses you.

This photo challenge was open for one week. Visit the First Name Downloads Page to see selections from this photo challenge.