Photo Challenge: Hamburgers

Andy Warhol painted soup cans. Roy Lichtenstein mimicked comic books. Now it's your chance to turn a pop icon into art! For this photo challenge, we want your photos of hamburgers. Fear not, vegetarians! We want to see them all, garden, turkey, bison - if it's a burger, it's fair game. Be sure to include where we can find your tasty subjects.

Our friends from Hamburger Eyes will be helping us out with this challenge. While they have little to do with the fine art of hamburger shots, Hamburger Eyes is a fantastic magazine highlighting avant garde, cutting edge photography, with a focus on black and white and street photos. In fact, they have a very exciting exhibition opening September 11 in San Francisco, The Young Jerks.

This challenge was open for one week and closed on September 10th, 2008. Visit the Hamburgers download page to see the selections from this photo challenge!