Photo Challenge: Homage to Cinema

What is a movie or television show, but a series of photographs? Think of your favorite cinematic moment. It can't be hard; it likely plays over and over in your head, engrained like a love affair on your memory. This challenge exists to re-capture the famous scenes from film. You might check out our movie inspired blog post to find some inspiration.

Guest editing this feature are Michael Goi, Vice President of the American Society of Cinematographers, and Graham Leggat, Director of the San Francisco Film Society. With Michael's expertise as a photographer on set—check out his credits!— and Graham's appreciation for the art—his Film Society presents the San Francisco International Film Festival each spring— we know the final selections will be a stellar homage to the medium.

Michael and Graham are looking for the best shout-outs to classic or contemporary cinema. Once you upload your photo, be sure the film reference is made clear by the title or description.

Time to submit. Do you feel lucky, punk?

This challenge was open for three weeks and closed on October 15, 2008. Visit the Homage to Cinema downloads page to see the selections from this photo challenge!