The Rasterbator

Ever heard of The Rasterbator? It's an awesome online tool where you can upload a photo and it will spit back a half-toned PDF version that you can print on many sheets of paper and hang on your wall to make one huge image.

We ran an interview with The Rasterbator's creator, Matias Arje, in Issue 7, so we made this challenge: send one of your photos to the The Rasterbator and make a cool, multi-page, PDF. Then print it out and hang it up somewhere. Finally, take a new photo of the result and add it to this theme!

The only rules are: You had to take the original photo (used for the Rasterbation) and you had to take the photo you uploaded to JPG. And, as always, be creative! Try shooting the original photo and the Rasterbated version together. Or shoot yourself with it to show perspective. Have fun!