Photo Challenge: Phoney Photos

Yes, we all love cameras that have all kinds of fancy options, because, yah, who wouldn't?! But … many of us also find ourselves in situations where we didn't have an awesome camera with us, but did have a handy-dandy camera on our mobile phone and got a great shot.

We won't discount the convenience and power that mobile phone pictures have. For this photo challenge, show JPG your best photograph taken with a phone/camera taking thingy.

Did you know that JPG has made it so that uploading your photos from said thingy is crazy easy? You can tailor your setting so that whenever you take a photo it automagically uploads it to JPG, and if you want, Facebook and Twitter too! It's super easy and convenient. Along with that, there's even more you can do — the possibilities are endless. So show us what you've got!