Photo Challenge: Inside Your Fridge II

Fridge by ehrhardt adrien

Back by popular demand! Every year we receive mail from our most esteemed users requesting a peek into the personalities' of other JPG'rs by way of their fridge -- as if looking inside someone's fridge will somehow unlock the secret of great photography.

It was just a few years back in 2008, that we got our first glimpse of what JPG'rs were stockpiling in their refrigerators. We know how much change can take place in 4 years so we're running a second edition of the Inside Your Fridge photo challenge.

As we find ourselves a little more open minded than we were in 2008, we also want to encourage photos of your "wall of fame" fridges --- much like my grandmother who I remember hoarding every hangable piece of artwork or A+ homework assignment on the fridge; along with her bingo schedule and family snap shots, which, somehow she managed to fit on the fridge along with her hall of fame magnet collection.

That's right, we don't want to limit this year's challenge to what's inside your fridge. If you have a fridge worthy shot, inside or out, send it!

Closed August 5, 2012